Angela Clarke 



REVERIE Series 4


REVERIE in Blue and Orange no.I 2019

in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE in Blue and Orange no.II 2019

in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE Series 3


REVERIE in Blue and Alizarian no.I 2018

in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE in Blue and Alizarian no.II 2018

in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE Series 2


REVERIE in Blue and Rose no.XVI 2017

in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE in Blue and Rose no.XXI


in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE Series 1


REVERIE in Prussian Blue


in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE in Prussian Blue  


in oils 51cm x 45.5cm

REVERIE is a series of oil paintings 1-4 on paper began in 2016 which is ongoing. It explores states of mind and the necessary repose from conscious thought. 



"'Come here,' they sang, 'renowned Ulysses, honour to the Achaean name, and listen to our two voices."

A limited edition of linocuts 38cm x 49cm printed 2019


'SIRENS' is a body of work comprising of Paintings, Drawings and Linocut. It explores the strategy of using inspiration from literature, and Homers 'The Odyssey' in particular. It introduces us to the Sirens who were part female and part bird. They had exquisite voices which they used to lure the sailors to their death.The typographic names have been used as a catalyst for calligraphic opportunity to explore form and colour within the paintings and drawings, which have been deconstructed by the mark. It has also been an continuation of an exploration of lyrical abstraction, this time located in the Mediterranean.



'PRECIPICE' records the accidental tear or fissure which has become part of the drawing within the on going process of making Panorama.


PAUSE 2007 


in graphite 10cm x18cm


in graphite 18cm x 10cm

States of Mind


This is an ongoing body of work preoccupied with drawing on both a large and small scale. It has spanned a number of years in its execution which applies paricularly to the larger drawings, although those of a smaller scale of a quick and direct responseieve been intermittently explored over this time, both approaches have been at the heart of the work and at times the only endeavour.

There are five strands of the project:

'Panorama of Love and Grief'  begun in 2009 which is an all-round view that is not obstructed and uninterupted, which extends in a horizontal direction, evocative of an inner landscape at the moment of time in love and in grief experienced whilst created. It is ongoing and has been expressed intermittently as necessary.

'REVERIE' 2016 - 2019 is a new series of directional drawings and paintings using a limited colour palette that have been inspired by the experimental PAUSE drawings. Working within a square format in pencil, pastel and oils on both paper and canvass.They explore moments of subconscious thought and repose in the intricate weave of the mark and tonality.

'PRECIPICE' 2010 is a photograph of an accidental tear or fissure ripped into the drawing in the process of the making of Panorama.

'Of Love and Grief - A Triptych' 2017 explores the singular vertical pull of the drawing and its scale to reflect the human form, inviting the viewer to experience the work in close up. As a work of three parts it traces the experience of bereavement and its complex components of love and grief, through a meditative woven rendition and reading of the work.

'PAUSE' 2007are experimental graphite snapshots made  'in between' the main projects, but using the same calligraphic repetition.They are contemplative works exploring short moments of preoccupation with detail within the generic. They address the possibilities for a drawn notation of a journey in real time; tracing its passing on paper. They seek to pull the viewer in to its moment in time through its detail and monochrome tonality. They are moments of reverie in themselves and offered a relief from the demands of the larger works.




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