Angela Clarke 

Artist statement

Current work 'While there is still time' is a personal response to the global pandemic experience employing a new medium of watercolour to explore the conscious state during lockdown and isolation.  

'REVERIE' is looking at the moments in time of unconscious thought, a dreamlike state and referencing 'The Poetics of Reverie by Gaston Bachelard. It explores the possibilities of reverie to offer a response for the conscious mind and to open up the imagination to enable the poetic image and visual language. 

'SIRENS' explores inspiration from literature. Homer's

'The Odyssey' introduces us to the Sirens. Their names have been used as a catalyst for calligraphic opportunities for form and colour within the

paintings. It is an opportunity to explore possibilities for a lyrical abstraction located in the Mediterranean.

Other explorations of long term current practise involve directional drawn responses of 'Vertices 3' and ' Panorama of Love and Grief' and 'Pause' where graphite tonality records time and response to the trauma of deep emotional experience of grief, in all three projects.

A number of strategies have been employed, the results of which have been regularly exhibited in galleries, and public spaces as Murals resulting from residencies at schools and Youth clubs and finally as Publications and Commissions.


Studied at Middlesex University in 2002.

Angela Clarke has exhibited at various Galleries throughout the UK and her work is held in a number of private collections around the world 


Solo Exhibitions

2020  While there is still time at The Open Window Gallery, London 

2015  Sirens at The Beaucatcher Salon, London

2011  Retro Retrospective at The Fox Reformed,  London.

1995  Working Drawings at The Fox Reformed, London.

1994  Intimate Gardens at The Stoke Newington Festival, London.

1991  Heads in Print at Patisserie Bliss, London.

Selected Group exhibitions

2018   Group show of work by Students and Tutors Ravensbourne       

        University, North Greenwich, Peninsular, London.                                                        2016   'Language in Bloomsbury' Bloomsbury Literary Festival,


2007-8 Pages The Notice Gallery, London.

2006-7 The Winter Salon The Hackney Museum, London.

2006   Open Studios The Old Sea Cadets Building, London

2003   Holds and Charms Middlesex University Gallery, London.

        INTOXICANT The Limehouse Arts Foundation (LAF), London.

2002   Ma Untitled Art House Gallery, London.

1990   Xantippe The Crypt Gallery, London.

1989   XantippeThe Orangery Gallery, London.

1988   Paintings, Drawings and Prints The Cahill and Grebler Gallery,


        Womens Artist's Diary (original work) The Kings Manor Gallery,

        The University of york.

        Watching You Watching Me The Small Mansions Art Centre,


1986   Women's Eye IV The Hornsey Gallery, London.

1985   Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London.

        Women's Eye II The Women's Eye Gallery, London.

        Heads Women's Eye Gallery, London.

1984   Works on Paper(two woman show) The Almeida Theatre London.                                 

        Art in Tower Hamlets Open Exhibition1984, London.


2015   Thornley, L. Typography Deconstructed.

1988   The Women's Artists Diary.

Artist in Residence

2003-5  Lilian Baylis Secondary School, Lambeth, London.

         Calveston Primary School,Newham, London.

1991    William Patten Primary School, Stoke Newington, London.

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